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A fresh baked sub roll is topped with an assortment of our Italian meats and cheeses and garnished with lettuce, tomato, and onions. 10.15 oz | Item no. 74140

Fresh, multigrain sandwich bread is piled high with slices of ham and turkey and garnished with lettuce. 7.7 oz | Item no. 74182

Ham & Turkey on Multigrain
Half Sandwich 3.75 oz | Item no. 74106

Fresh lettuce garnishes slices of turkey and cheddar cheese on artisan baked grilled sourdough bread.
8.75 oz | Item no. 74188

Turkey & Cheddar on Sourdough
Half Sandwich 4.25 oz | Item no. 74108

Three turkey breast and ham sliders with Swiss and cheddar cheese on Brioche mini buns make a perfect trio for game time.
8.85 oz | Item no. 74167

We piled slices of ham, Swiss cheese, and lettuce on fresh, rye bread for this classic sandwich. 9.1 oz | Item no. 74101

Honey smoked turkey, white cheese, and lettuce are stacked on fresh, marble rye sandwich bread. 8.7 oz | Item no. 74127

Honey Smoked Turkey on Marble Rye
Half Sandwich 4.33 oz | Item no. 74131

An artisan baked Brioche bun holds slices of garlic and herb chicken, garlic cream cheese, and roasted red peppers.
12.4 oz | Item no. 74147

We heaped chunks of white chicken, lettuce, and mayonnaise on a flaky, homemade croissant. 7.5 oz | Item no. 74103

Our garlic and herb sliced chicken, smoked ham, and Swiss cheese are layered on a fresh, wheat focaccia roll with Dijonnaise.
9.5 oz | Item no. 74171

Our chicken and pepper jack cheese slices are garnished with tomato salsa and fresh cilantro on artisan baked focaccia.
9.5 oz | Item no. 74191

Slices of smoked turkey breast, cheddar cheese, and lettuce are between two slices of fresh, wheat bread. 7.75 oz | Item no. 74181

We piled slices of ham, Swiss cheese, and lettuce on fresh rye bread for this classic sandwich. 7.75 oz | Item no. 74195

Turkey breast, Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, and lettuce are stacked on grilled white bread.
9.25 oz | Item no. 74199

A fresh, artisan Kaiser roll holds generous portions of smoked turkey, American cheese, and sliced ham. 6.5 oz | Item no. 74139

Artisan baked ciabatta is layered with turkey, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pesto for this tasty sandwich.
9.8 oz | Item no. 74143

Our delicious corn beef and Swiss cheese are stacked on fresh, artisan baked pretzel bread with Dijon mustard. 7.3 oz | Item no. 74151

Pepperoni, salami, olives, provolone cheese, and a variety of peppers are stacked on a delicious mini sub roll. 4.5 oz | Item no. 74173

Simple and fresh! Bologna and American cheese pair up on a fresh, homemade bun.
7.2 oz | Item no. 74175

American cheese and bologna are perfect between two slices of white bread.
8 oz | Item no. 74177

Just like grandma used to make! A mix of chunky, white chicken meat, red grapes, celery, and mayonnaise are scooped onto a fresh wheat and oats bun. 7.37 oz | Item no. 74179

Cotto salami and cheddar cheese are piled on marble rye bread. 7.25 oz | Item no. 74185

Generous slices of deli ham topped with cheddar cheese are placed on fresh rye sandwich bread. 7.5 oz | Item no. 74187

A delicious homemade blend of pimento cheese and ham spread are piled on to an artisian baked Brioche bun. 6.7 oz | Item no. 74189

Slices of smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, and lettuce are between two slices of fresh, wheat sandwich bread. 7.5 oz | Item no. 74193

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